Beauty Box Styling Sessions

Our styling sessions are unique to each guest. Private studio sessions, in home {or via video chat}, we come equipped with a selection of clothes based on your style guide. We can help you find your best beauty box by providing pieces that you can mix in to your current closet, dress you for a special event, or help you update and freshen things up! 

How Beauty Box Styling works

Fill out our contact form and we will send you our style guide to fill out!

We will contact you within 48 hours to set up a date and time for your Beauty Box Session. You will receive a $20 styling fee to hold your session. This will be credited towards your purchase during your Beauty Box Styling session. Sessions can also be set up to reoccur seasonally. Group sessions are also available for an additional session fee- always to be credited the day of the Beauty Box Styling session.

Refer a friend and receive a $20 shopping credit at your next Beauty Box Styling Session!


Seasonal Beauty Boxes

{reoccurring online membership 3x a year}

Customized Beauty Boxes tailored to your specific needs and style profile. 

These seasonal Boxes are for established customers. Contact us directly for more information!

We look forward to getting to know you and empowering you to feel your most unique, bold, bright, and beautiful self!