Summer Reading list + Outfit Pairing

We decided to do something super fun and curate a list of the best summer reads - especially for you #girlbosses out there! Did you ever envision what you would be wearing while imagining what you would be doing if you were the person you were reading? Say that 10x fast! On the real, don't you want to look the part of that powerful woman you're so excited to read about?  We all read these books to help us better who we are and find that woman we want to be. Now let's put on our power outfit - as paired with our boutique pieces -  and smash this summer reading list. 

This book gives us all the feels. It takes a close look at the celebrity women that have shaped our view of success and who we should be from a societal standpoint. Massey's whole vision is to help us take a closer look at who we are and how we want to live - without the pressure and extra layers. 

Paired with our Pixie Pant and Primrose Wrap - you'll feel like the damn superhero you are after reading this book. 


Of course this list wouldn't be complete without this little number by Sophia Amoruso. This book will make you want to quit the job you hate ASAP and work your ass off for your dreams. Amoruso wants you to find your inner strength and passion and run with it. 

Paired with our Pencil Skirt and Criss Cross Cami - you'll look like the sexy powerhouse that you are! 

This book is about shutting down your negative self talk. Hollis wants you to stop making excuses and get out of your own way. You deserve to live your best life - so don't start tomorrow start today. 

Paired with our Poppy Dress - you'll feel comfortable and stylish and ready to take on anything anywhere. Complete this look by rocking some ballet flats or super cute converse. 

This book will change the way you view everything. From social media to the fact that, you too, can become an influencer. Licht shares advice, inspiration, and a healthy dose of real talk - We love real talk and this is that book that will help you get ready to dive in and crush your goals.

Paired with our Dahlia Dress and a pair of sexy pumps - you'll be ready to strut your stuff with confidence and turn all the heads.


You are. This book is all about living your best life and killing all the self doubt you have about success. You'll feel inspired and ready to make all the money- because you deserve it. You won't be able to put this book down until it is done. The perfect book to finish out the summer. 

Paired with our Aster Dress you'll feel the perfect amount of feminine and badass - that little keyhole back will give you the power of having a secret you can share, or not. You hold the power babe! 

That's our summer reading list babes. We promise after you finish this list you will be ready to smash success and rock and business you want. Have questions about opening your very own boutique business? CLICK HERE! Want to just join our community and hang out with other badass #girlbosses like you? CLICK HERE! 

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