Paisley Raye Wrap Dress - Crave or Save?!

Hello beauties! Meet our Paisley Raye Primrose Wrap Dress. She is a true wrap dress and one of our favorites! She has flutter sleeves, a beautiful high low hemline and is perfect on every figure. Whether you're curvy or not, she will look bangin' on your body! The true adjustability of the wrap dress is perfect for everyone. We love our Paisley Raye because it's all made right here ethically, in the USA. Manufactured in Los Angeles, we love that we can count on premium quality and affordability. By bringing her right to you, direct from factory to the consumer, we are able to offer her for $79! Cute, comfortable, and affordable are some her best qualities! Before we forget, she also doubles as a cardigan. Yep, she get's even better. Two style for the price of one. Tie the straps of the Primrose behind you, and she doubles as a flowy boho chic duster. Oh and did we mention she also has pockets?! I mean, who doesn't need a dress with pockets?! What do you think? 

Crave .png

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