Why do I love Direct Sales and having a team!?

As most of you know I have been with a company previous to Paisley Raye where I was also a leader of a large team. It was a lot of fun and very hard decision to move on and essentially start over. I knew I had to. When I no longer aligned with corporate and felt that I was constantly putting out fires instead of leading my team... it was time. I am a go with your gut kind of girl and when I make a decision I go ALL IN! I am not a person who dips her toe in to the water before jumping in. I am extremely passionate and connect deeply. This is both my strength and weakness, although as I grow older I know it as more often a strength. So, why direct sales? Watch the video below and scroll on... 

Paisley Raye has given me the opportunity to not only sell clothing again that I believe in {They are made in the USA and give back} - That's a big deal but not the only reason I chose them. The opportunity for growth and building something I am proud of all while helping others do the same. That is why I chose direct sales and I would again and again. The community and friendships I have gained through this adventure is nothing short of invaluable. I am so happy to be a Paisley Raye Stylist and humbled to be on this journey with such strong and amazing women. Let's do this beauties and blaze a trail of bravery along the way. 

Comment below with any questions you may have! 

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