So what is this fair trade business and why does it matter?

Hello beauties,

Hive Beauty Box prides itself on the fact that most everything is domestically made here in the USA. We also love supporting women in business across the globe. How do we do this? By making sure what we buy is ethically made and fair trade. So what is fair trade? 

Fair Trade noun. - trade in which fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries.

What does fair trade mean to Hive Beauty Box? It means that people should be treated fairly, they should be given the basic resources to live a healthy household and lifestyle. We proudly partner with organizations that regulate and ensure that all of our products on our shelves are created with the highest ethical standards possible. We will never compromise someone's livelihood to save a dollar. So remember sometimes something might cost more but that is because we choose to partner with people who care. People who will be sure that our artisans are taken care of and loved in the way every human being has the right to be. 

One of the non-profits we work with in Guatemala has begun to form small loans for members of our organization, encouraging them to develop projects and businesses that interest their creative minds, to supplement their income. It is the goal to see many more artisan craft shops around the country of Guatemala and hopefully to generate enthusiasm with outside partners as well.

 These are some of the artisans that create our beautiful bags and other goods. We can't wait to go to Gutamala later this year to spend more time with them. 

These are some of the artisans that create our beautiful bags and other goods. We can't wait to go to Gutamala later this year to spend more time with them. 

It is an exciting time for Hive Beauty Box and our partners and I hope that you can shop with us knowing that what your doing is supporting social good. Want to shop our fair trade goods? SHOP HERE! 

The 5 things you need to know before starting your own boutique!

Have you always wanted to own your own boutique? Has fashion always been your passion but you just don't know where to start? Here are the 5 things that you need to know to get started. Boutique ownership isn't simple but with these tips you will be on your way to owning your own boutique within months. Make sure you start your business the right way and with the processes that create a rhythm in your business. These 5 things you need to know before starting your boutique are key to success! So let's start with the boutique basics shall we?

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 Want to know what basic supplies I recommend for your boutique and office space?!   CLICK HERE !    

Want to know what basic supplies I recommend for your boutique and office space?! CLICK HERE!


How do I form my business? You'll want to first think about if you want to be a sole proprietor {a person who is the sole owner of a business, gets to keep all the profits after tax has been paid, but liable for all losses}. or if you want to incorporate {if you want your business organization to be seen as a separate legal entity under state law}. The next step would be to file for an EIN number - this protects your identity. You can apply for free HEREYou'll then want to contact your state to see what type of sales tax permit is required - or if at all. Here is a great resource regarding registering for a sales tax permit in every state - SOS here!  The next step you'll have to take is to apply for a business license. Each state, city, and county are different so be sure that you start at a state level, then county, then city. This article is a great resource to help you better understand this process. 
How do I get inventory? After you've formed your business it is time to start researching your wholesale options. You will use your state sales tax permit number to apply. There are many resources out there when it comes to wholesaling items in your boutique. You want to first be sure that the quality is there. Customers will not shop with you again if your products fall apart after first wear. So it is extra important to be sure that your research your vendors - make sure they have a great return and exchange policy, and that their customer service contact is easy to locate. You can first start local. See what vendors are in your area and see who would like to collaborate with you. Be sure that you have defined who your ideal customer is and don't be scared to poll them. The more information you have before purchasing your inventory the better. If you can't collaborate locally you'll want to find wholesale markets - a lot of cities do them. Here are a few of my favorite Markets: Westcoast Markets: Seattle, Las Vegas Middle America Markets: Dallas, Chicago East Coast Markets: Atlanta, New York                                                                                                                                                        
Budget, budget, budget! This is not everyone's favorite topic but it is definitely one of the most important. Having a clear budget when starting the business is going to keep you on track and out of the red. Plan your budgets for marketing, accounting, retail, and any other expense you'll have. You should be prepared to spend money but also protect it, as it is one of the most valuable resources you have. 
Stay organized! You'll want to be sure that you have an organized back end and office space. Not only will you be more productive but you will also keep yourself on task and on track. There are a ton of resources for you to start with and keep you organized. One of my FAVORITE planners is HERE- seriously though this planner saved my life! When it comes to social media you'll want to schedule your content ahead of time to help with time management. I suggest picking one day a week where you'll create the content {take photos} and then one day when you schedule the posts to your social media platforms. Schedule your posts easily with Cinchshare here! 
It's Tax Time - now what?! Keeping spreadsheets, using bookkeeping software etc. is KEY to a successful start-up. You need to know what your profits and loss are, and you definitely need to know what your quarterly taxes should be. Being sure that you have all of your business info ready, and that you can access it at anytime is super important. 
If you want more tips and tricks about sourcing and setting up your boutique, or you just want someone to be there through the process- I offer one on-one coaching sessions and you can book them HERE! You can also just comment below with any questions you may have! 

How I quit my day job - Join me in business!

Hello beauty babes and welcome to one of my favorites aspects of what I do! I LOVE the fact that I get to work alongside amazing, strong, and successful women every single day. Today, i'm chatting with you about how I quit my day job and work from home! I mean who doesn't want the flexibility to be able to create their own schedule and manage their time the way they see fit, right? I make over 6 figures a year all while getting to do what I love, and I have created a million dollar downline all from the comfort of my home! Guess what, there is no magic to any of this! So here are is how I did it! Hint, watch the video first and then keep scrolling... 

How cool is it that I got to be featured by Lynn, owner of Million $ Party Girl!? If you don't follow Lynn on Facebook you should HERE! She is one of the kindest people ever, so insightful and we instantly bonded over our love for wine! 

You heard that right, I quit my day job just six months after going in to business. This was not something that happened by accident. I was strategic with my time and made sure that I was consistent with my business. I am constantly looking at different ways to market my business and found some amazing tips and tricks along the way. I will share my top 5 below with all of you! 

  1. Brand Yourself
    1. Even there there are many people doing what you do- nobody can do it like you! 
    2. Find what you're good at and make that your cohesive voice. 
  2. Niche Down
    1. What specific aspect of the business do you want to become an expert in?
    2. Take that specific area of expertise and learn everything you can about it.
    3. DO NOT have too many areas of focus this will create chaos and disorganization.
  3. Time Management
    1. Create a schedule and calendar that you can stay consistent with. 
    2. Set business hours and stick to them.
    3. Schedule posts and content.
  4. Have Realistic Expectations
    1. Set goals that pertain to the allotted time you have to put in to your business.
    2. What you put in to your business is what you will get out of it- part-time work will get you a part-time income. Keep this in mind when starting any business. 
  5. Stay Consistent
    1. Be sure your are posting to social media and you have an online presence daily. 
    2. There will always be slow times don't let this discourage you- stay consistent and you'll be successful. 

I hope this was helpful in guiding you to follow your dreams and take that leap of faith to follow your heart and work from home.

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